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Structural Problem with our Mortgage-based Home-ownership System

Unfortunately, as long as US homes are largely purchased with 30-year mortgages, we are going to see large price swings for houses as interest rates swing, and bail-outs are likely every time interest rates go up unless it goes up … Continue reading

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Custom Schooling Workshop at the Internet Archive on Wed, Jan 11, 2012

Custom Schooling Workshop in San Francisco Everyone is welcome to the first workshop on “custom schooling“, an approach to schooling with class sizes from 1 to 4 that is surprisingly affordable, manageable, effective, and fun.    Families and teachers that are … Continue reading

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Career Advice for a Better World: Food, Health, Housing, Education. Pick One.

Food, Health, Housing, Education.    Pick One. If we pick a big goal, a high goal, a worthy goal, and then work to make a difference, then we might make some progress and avoid some of the classic pitfalls.   A worthy … Continue reading

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