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Family planning is now easier for women: Plan C Pills + Telemedicine + Internet

Three technology changes are helping give women an easier option with an unwanted pregnancy: Plan C Pills + telemedicine + Internet.  These constitute a breakthrough that has safely helped many women through a difficult time that often involves unwanted pressures … Continue reading

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How about 3 billion people, all living the good life?

We talk about rolling back our pollution production to 1990 levels, we talk about solving world poverty, we talk about reducing water use.   Why don’t we talk about rolling back our population explosion?  What if we rolled back the … Continue reading

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Are ‘Road-Trains’ Coming?

I think it could be a very good thing, and one that could evolve incrementally from existing technologies. I imagine ‘Road-Trains’ as made up of cars on highways that automatically adapt to what cars in front of it are doing, … Continue reading

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