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My Blog Experience 1 Year In

I started this wordpress blog a year ago ( )– pretty with-it, huh? Soon I will open a Friendster account ☺. I basically write what I would write in my journal: first draft ideas and inventions, and a yearly … Continue reading

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Custom Schooling Workshop a Success! Video enclosed.

40 people came to the first workshop on “custom schooling“, an approach to schooling with class sizes from 1 to 4 that is surprisingly affordable, manageable, effective, and fun. Paper on the subject, that I recommend. Here are videos of … Continue reading

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Debt-Free Housing for Public-Benefit Workers

Brewster Kahle January 9, 2012 On The largest single expense for the staff of the Internet Archive is housing, as this paper will show the majority of the cost of housing goes to debt service (either directly through mortgage, … Continue reading

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