Custom Schooling Workshop a Success! Video enclosed.

40 people came to the first workshop on “custom schooling“, an approach to schooling with class sizes from 1 to 4 that is surprisingly affordable, manageable, effective, and fun.

Paper on the subject, that I recommend.

Here are videos of the parents session and the teachers session.   We have had one more family already commit to trying it this summer.   Onward!

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3 Responses to Custom Schooling Workshop a Success! Video enclosed.

  1. Rebecca Dake says:

    I heard about your custom schooling and would love to chat directly. I’m starting a parent participation/cooperative school that is currently located across the street from the Internet Archives (in the synagogue building on 14th/Clement).

    We are looking for a larger space and am curious if you have any rooms to rent at the Internet Archives.

    I can be reached at 415.676.1023.

    Rebecca Dake
    SF Schoolhouse

  2. Yuen says:

    Thank you for sharing these videos! I especially liked the second video with the teacher panel. I am interested in trying this for my child — in Japan.

  3. Enjoyed your paper, Brewster. I bought a copy of Euclid’s elements when my son Gensen was born, but have yet to spring it on him. Am starting a Math Club at his Montessori school next semester though, with precisely the view of bringing some specialist enthusiasm to the curriculum (not to mention Martin Garner, etc)

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