My Blog Experience 1 Year In

I started this wordpress blog a year ago ( )– pretty with-it, huh? Soon I will open a Friendster account ☺. I basically write what I would write in my journal: first draft ideas and inventions, and a yearly paper usually on how to make the world a better place.

A few observations:
• It is somewhat unnerving to be public on subjects I used to be private.
• At first first I got about 5 readers a day, until I got a twitter account and would announce some of my posts.
• Now I get about 20-50 readers a day depending if I have posted on twitter.   Humbling because the Internet Archive gets 2,000,000 visitors a day.
• On twitter, I have drifted up to about 1,000 followers in 6 months (81 tweets– I try to make them worthwhile). So maybe 7.5% read a post if I tweet it.   Not sure how people find me on twitter, another mystery for another day.

What are other people’s stats?  I would love to know.

My favorite posts:    Debt Free Housing, Custom Schooling (class size between 1-4), Small Scale Fantastic Fish Farming, and Michael Hart Memorial.

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5 Responses to My Blog Experience 1 Year In

  1. Rob Pegoraro says:

    Thanks for the testimony. I use, which doesn’t break down things to the level of unique visitors and how much time they spend per visit. But I did appreciate the year-in-review summary it provided; that went beyond the stats I usually see about page views, referrers and clicks to include some details about where my readers came from.

    My big insights about what drives traffic:

    * It really helps if you use a blog post to announce your unexpected departure from a job you’ve been associated with for more than a decade. (Not that I’m encouraging you to leave the Archive!)

    * Writing a critique of journalism that gets approving links from luminaries like Jay Rosen and Jeff Jarvis can also work well.

    * How-to posts that rank reasonably well in searches–in my case, an explanation of how to have Lotus Notes send all your e-mail to a Gmail account–are good for a steady background level of traffic.

    * If you luck into featuring a post on its home page, that will also send a bunch of new readers your way.

    Please keep writing…

    – RP

  2. Rick McGowan says:

    Do your visitor stats include people like me who subscdribe to the RSS feed and read your blog in mail readers?

  3. Hope says:

    Well, my stats are growing. I started out with nearly nothing, progressed to a few page views every time I posted, but went back down to 0 inbetween posts. Now I consistently get hits every day. My stats for last month were over 1,000 total. I notice some of my hits appear to be search engines that must be trawling for something, but more and more I’m getting people from other blogs that I read, where readership is much higher than mine.

    The other positive is that people tend to stick around and read a few posts when they visit my blog, not just one.

    Also, I usually post my posts to another site, BlogHer, and I get a bunch of page views there. So I am quite pleased that my readership is growing.

    My twitter following is very small still, under 100, and I don’t get retweeted. So I’d like to work on that.

  4. Mitra Ardron says:

    I don’t quite understand the low numbers .. Stats might be off. Im not nearly as well know, but I get 4838 unique visitors (8k visits, 27k pages, 162k hits) in jan. my blog is rarely posted to and gets about 1/2 the hits, and nothing else on the site changes and is mostly articles I’ve written. A stunning 36k of those hits are people hitting old URLs which shows the importance of redirecting stuff that moves.

    3400 visits 42% were links from over 1000 other pages, which I guess shows the importance of that.

    I can’t break out the RSS but they are included in these visits.

    Note this isn’t which only gets just over 1000 unique visitors per month.
    Hope that’s useful.

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