Archive of Dissent starting on Fleet Street in London– Anarchive is Born!


Iain and Gillian Boales in front of the new building on Fleet Street

Iain and Gillian Boal showed me their building before it is renovated that will be an archive and center for conversation about dissent, anarchy, and social movements.    It is great that it is located right across the street from Goldman Sachs (which does not bear any signage).    The first floor tenant is a pawnbroker– which gives an further idea of the current trades on that street.

Mayday Rooms “is a safe house for vulnerable archives and historical material linked to social movements, experimental culture, and marginalized figures and groups.”

They are working to have it last a long time because it preserves the alternative voices that have been forced out.

May the Anarchive live and educate forever!

Mayday Rooms building in Londond

Mayday Rooms building in Londond

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