Raw Cookie Dough without the Stomach Ache

Xmas Present of Raw Cookie Dough (aside from the baked ones)

Xmas Present of Raw Cookie Dough from my son, Logan (aside from the baked ones he also gave me)

My mother loved to bake cookies, and would make huge batches of cookie dough and freeze them.    This led me to develop a love of raiding the freezer.    While I could eat a dozen baked cookies, I would get a stomach ache if I ate more than 12 or so raw cookies.

My wonderful mother tried to figure out how to fix this, first by cooking the flour before making the cookies, but that did not seem to work.  News reports of problems with one packaged cookie dough vendor has lead people to think it is eggs or some such.

I have a different theory for the stomach ache issue:  The stomach ache comes from the baking soda, which when eaten, mixes with stomach acid to make carbon dioxide (Co2) which is then makes a stomach bloat with gas and ache.

So, if you intend to eat large quantities of cookie dough raw, then make it without the baking soda.

Unfortunately I came up with this theory after the days of eating 12 cookies worth of cookie dough were behind me.   If you have a chance to test this theory, please let me know.

Children all over the world need a proven recipe!


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