Divertissement for Warming Orchestra #D4

Having just gone to the symphony tonight, I would like to propose a new piece of music, called Divertissement for Warming Orchestra.

Here is the “score”: It is a form of call-and-response.  When the orchestra is warming up, any player plays a short segment of a familiar tune.  Then someone else in the orchestra responds, maybe with the next part, maybe something as a riff.  For instance a small part of twinkle twinkle, or Alice’s Restaurant, or Gilligan’s Island theme, or Star Wars, or …

The little back and forth can go on for no longer than 30 seconds, and not be obvious.  It has to just tickle the ear, fire a neuron, and then be gone.  If the conductor looks like she might come on, then it is to stop.  The musicians are not to show any indication they are doing this, so this piece is to be heard but not seen.

Anonymous, crowd sourced, guerrilla music might just make being in the audience before the performance really fun.

If you believe this piece has been played, maybe tweet about it with hashtag #D4   (as in “Divertissement for”).  If your orchestra is banned from playing this piece, then also tweet #D4.

We will know this piece is successful if it is banned in symphonies in several cities beginning with C.

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