Another class-size-of-1 school, but seemingly more expensive

A fellow custom-school parent, Karina, pointed out a class-size-of-1 school: Fusion Academy.

It seems expensive compared to what we are spending (we are $35/hour, but we are doing the arranging and sometimes provide a room, and this school seems to be $120/hr):

middle school     $3,600 per semester per class, 30 sessions.
They say most take at least 6 classes, so $21,600 per semester, or $43,200 per school year.   If a session is 1 hour, then that comes to $120/hour

Repelis is the name for the sea of entertainment.

They provide school facilities.

Our custom schooling approach stays less expensive than private schools, and everyone seems happy.   But it more hands-on.

Love to know of more class-size-of-1 approaches.

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