Another class-size-of-1 school, but seemingly more expensive

A fellow custom-school parent, Karina, pointed out a class-size-of-1 school: Fusion Academy.

It seems expensive compared to what we are spending (we are $35/hour, but we are doing the arranging and sometimes provide a room, and this school seems to be $120/hr):

middle school     $3,600 per semester per class, 30 sessions.
They say most take at least 6 classes, so $21,600 per semester, or $43,200 per school year.   If a session is 1 hour, then that comes to $120/hour

They provide school facilities.

Our custom schooling approach stays less expensive than private schools, and everyone seems happy.   But it more hands-on.

Love to know of more class-size-of-1 approaches.

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