My Firefox plug-ins to stop ads and tracking (all free add-ons)

In case you might care to try these, here is a list of the plug-ins I use on firefox:

Adblock Plus (version 2.0.3) Does a great job

DoNotTrackPlus  Super great,highly recommended. turns off tracking sites.

FlashBlock   lots of ads use flash, so it helps.

HTTPS-everywhere by if you go to it redirects you to works for a large number of sites.

Alexa Sparky 1.6 this actually tracks web use, but gives info about the site you are on, which I find handy, and I like alexa.

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6 Responses to My Firefox plug-ins to stop ads and tracking (all free add-ons)

  1. elfsn says:

    ADblock plus is really an useful tool. I have installed it in all of my browsers: chrome, firefox,IE and Avant browser.
    I also installed Dn Not Track plus in these browsers.
    Thanks for sharing.

  2. dr0i says:

    I recommend ghostery

  3. Mitra Ardron says:

    I like ghostery as well but maybe it duplicates donottrack

  4. When you are making websites for a living you will definitely have to get familiar with search engine optimization plug-ins. It is almost impossible to do the same amount of work that these wonderful plug-ins can do for you. I have to say that I cannot live without my plug-ins.
    Thanks again!

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